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Voice of the Customer



Thank you for participating in a survey that we at MarketDirection sent out. We make sure that your opinions and experiences are passed on to the business you have shared your opinions to.

This means that your opinions, along with other respondents, are included as a basis when the business makes decisions on improvement and development measures. Something we symbolize here with a chair that represents your voice, "The Voice of the Customer", at the meetings where decisions are made based on the result. When you participate in a survey you are contributing to the development of company!

Customer feedback


For us, it is important that you feel safe when answering a survey that we have sent.

In addition to complying with the rules of the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we also follow industry rules that generally apply to surveys. We maintain a very high security standard and handle your personal information with confidentiality.

In the invitations to the surveys we send out, it is always clear who the sender is – that is, the business who is behind the survey.

There you can also read about how your personal data is processed and other conditions that might apply to the specific survey. For example, whether your participation will be treated anonymously or not.

The data collected will not be used for marketing purposes or be sold.

There is always contact information to the business and to us in the invitation of the survey. If you have any questions about the survey or processing of your personal data, you can easily get in touch and get answers.


We ensure that only relevant personal data is processed in connection with the conduction of the survey. This means that only the minimal necessary type and amount of data is processed in each specific case.

In our surveys, we never ask for, for example account information or process sensitive personal information.


Of course, participation is voluntary. When you participate in a survey, you approve the processing of personal data that you can read about in the invitation to the survey.

It is always possible to unregister yourself from future surveys sent from us on behalf of the business. This is done by clicking the unregister link in the specific invitation in the survey.

You can find our contact information further down the page. When you email us regarding a survey, kindly enter the name of the business in question in the subject of the email, so that we can help you faster.

Thank you for your participation