Our services are suited for the different NPS phases

At MarketDirection we are certified NPS experts and have many years of experience in developing and running NPS programs. We have adapted our services based on the different needs that our clients have. Our services can be divided into three groups that are linked to the different phases of maturity for NPS programs. We have extensive experience from international clients, and have assignments all around the World.

NPS as a Metric

  • Program Strategies

  • System Platforms

  • Relationship surveys

  • Basic Education

  • Customer Insight Portals

  • NPS Economy

NPS as a System

  • Customer Experience Surveys
  • Action Handling
  • Mirroring Surveys
  • Development Workshops
  • Ambassador Programs

NPS in Corporate Culture

  • NPS Educations for different roles
  • Corporate Values Projects
  • Management Development
  • Inspirational Lectures

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