The foundation of the NPS program is reliable measurements of the customer loyalty and ratings of the customer interactions.Read more


We help you analyze the drivers for increased customer loyalty, and areas to focus on to attract more promoters for the brand, products and services.Read more


We support you in change management, taking part in and leading projects to develop delivery areas that will lead to increased loyalty.Read more

MarketDirection in 30 seconds

  • Long experience from NPS analysis and NPS programs
  • Certified Net Promoter Consultants
  • Wide range of NPS solutions and cases within B2C and B2B
  • International assignments for midsize and large corporations
  • Program platforms for measurement, analytics and reporting
  • Based in Stockholm, Sweden, with a Worldwide network

What our customer says

Our customer panel has given us a fast and efficient direct dialogue with customers. Now we can continuously align with the target audiences and drive business development with a clear customer perspective.
Håkan Amrén, Customer Director Card/Account, ATG
The follow-ups has meant that we quickly turned unhappy customers around, creating unexpected additional sales and implementing customer-driven improvements.
Per Fyrenius, Managing Director, Toyota Material Handling
The Customer Insight Process has proven to be a very effective way for us to work with change issues based on the customer’s perspective.
Pernilla Brouzell, Vice president/Head of marketing, InfoTorg
We use the customer feedback in our operations and can use the panel to develop better living environments for current and future customers.
Ilona Hobor, Consumer Insight Officer, Skanska Nya Hem